Remember Josh Weed, the Mormon blogger who came out last year as a gay man who's been happily married to a woman for 10 years? He and his wife Lolly told more of their story last night on VH1's I'm Married to A... last night. Josh and Lolly's love bears endless dissection for the questions it raises (specifically those that meet at the uncomfortable intersection of sexuality and agency).

It's interesting that they feel ostracized equally by their church and by gays, who think Josh has no claim on the gay label (even though given his life path, he could obviously float by without ever acknowledging it). The Weeds ultimately ring legit to me — they aren't interested in advocating but in sharing their story, they never suggest anyone try out their complex agreement and they preach a message of love and acceptance.

But what ultimately makes their story so consumable is that around the corner of every warmly delivered explanation is another question — early in the show, they discussed their sex life (which they have always maintained in this great). But at the end of it, Lolly admitted, "I gave up that carnality of just lust, but I feel like what I got in return was much better and definitely more worthwhile."

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