The Fung Wah bus, a rolling sardine can that once carried passengers from Boston's South Station to the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and back for a mere $15 each way, failed its latest attempt to get back on the road. Depending on your outlook, this is either very good or very bad news.

The bus line, which was forced to indefinitely suspend its service after a federal Department of Transportation investigation last year, attempted to obtain a new operating license in January (it was denied), then filed an appeal in March (also denied).

The denial of its appeal came down in September, DNAinfo reports. Things don't sound good:

"The agency denied Fung Wah's most recent appeal for operating authority because they failed to provide sufficient evidence on how they would comply with federal safety standards, including how they would conduct future drug testing, how they would properly train their staff moving forward, and any corrective action that was taken to counsel or discipline the staff who falsified records in the past," the FMCSA said in a statement.

The company has until October 10 to submit evidence for another application review, DNAinfo reports, and after they do, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has 30 days to decide whether they're safe enough. Until then, there's always Lucky Star.

[Image via Flickr]