Mexican authorities were already closing in on Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán when a “big order of tacos” confirmed they were looking in the right place, according to a post-mortem published this weekend in the New York Times.

Authorities focused their search on the town of Los Mochis, where El Chapo was ultimately captured, after trailing one of the chief tunnel diggers from the drug lord’s escape out of maximum security. That man led them to a home which was under serious construction, and according to the Times, wiretaps indicated that a VIP, referred to only by the codenames “Grandma” and “Aunt,” was on the way.

Still, despite the mounting evidence, it was the tacos that ultimately led authorities to initiate the raid. Via the Times:

The final bit of evidence was a food order, Mexican officials said.

Just two blocks away, a big order of tacos was picked up after midnight on Jan. 8 by a man driving a white van, like the one believed to be driven by Mr. Guzmán’s associates, witnesses said.

A seemingly unnecessary risk, considering El Chapo reportedly traveled regularly with at least two cooks in his entourage, but then again, let he who hasn’t risked it all for a late-night taco cast the first stone.

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