“ENJOY THE DAY AND CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY! TBD” reads a message directed to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as she geared up for the next 24 hours of unscheduled, unsanctioned birthday fun.

The birthday greeting was sent by Claire Coleman, Clinton’s office manager at the time, on Clinton’s birthday in 2010. The email, revealed in the dump of 5,500 pages of private emails released by the State Department on Thursday, includes a soul-crushing timeline of her day, which includes traveling until 11:30 a.m., and then, presumably, enjoying the rest of her birthday...?

Speaking of birthdays, let it be known that Clinton does not reply to her own birthday salutations. She delegates them out, with the friendly directive “Pls respond.”

Other emails include hair jokes ...

... And a re-cap of what President Obama discussed with Paul Krugman, as told by formeraide Sid Blumenthal:

Another email dump, another bleak look into the personal life of an internationally recognized politician.

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