In a matter of hours, Robert Bruce Ford has gone from being known as "Toronto's conservative mayor" to "Toronto's crack-smoking mayor." But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Before he was Rob Ford, Crack Smoker, he was Rob Ford, Canadian Football Fan. Or Rob Ford, Wildly Racist Bigot. You might even know him as Rob Ford, Wife Beater. To help us explore the Rob Ford of the past, we have compiled a compendium of Mayor Rob Ford's controversies—the scandals, the rage and outrageousness, the wit and witticisms—organized thematically below:

Substance Abuse:

1999: Ford announces he has been charged with marijuana possession and not providing a breathalyzer sample when he was in Florida with his then-fiance. The police say he was actually charged with driving under the influence. The Toronto Sun ran the story in 2010, the same day he confesses. The drug charge is later dropped.

July 17, 2010: Ford is recorded on a phone call asking: "What does OxyContin go for on the street, so I have an idea?" He was (allegedly) trying to help another man, Dieter Doneit-Henderson, acquire some.

March 26, 2013: Ford is asked to leave a military gala for being too drunk.


2001: The Toronto Star reports that Ford was asked to stop coaching high school football after possibly "roughing up" a student player. Ford denies this, as does the former student.

April 15, 2006: A "drunken and belligerent" Ford is removed from a Maple Leafs game after insulting a couple. When a man asked Mr. Ford to be quiet, he responded: "Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you a fucking teacher?" and then later asked, "Do you want your little wife to go over to Iran and get raped and shot?" The couple figures out it was Ford because he left a business card at the scene. Ford later apologizes.

March 26, 2008: Ford's wife Renata calls the police and Rob Ford is arrested and charged with assaulting her and verbalizing a death threat. Prosecutors drop the changes because Renata's accounts of the event were inconsistent.

Assorted Bigoted Remarks:

March 6, 2002: Still on the job, Ford calls fellow Councillor George Mammoliti a "Gino-boy." Mammoliti takes this as a racial slur, Ford denies it.

Around 2005: Also while on the job, he gets very heated at a reporter who might have called him a "fat fuck."

March 5, 2008: While discussing holiday shopping in a council meeting, Ford says: "Those Oriental people work like dogs… They're slowly taking over." He apologizes for using the word "Oriental," but keeps the dog part: "When I said working like a dog, I was brought up, my father told me every day to 'Get out of bed and work like a dog, son.' A dog means you're a hard worker."

July 29, 2011: He insinuates under his breath that another woman is a bitch in a City Hall meeting.

October 2011: After CBC comedian Mary Walsh "ambushes" his home, he dials 911 and calls the dispatchers bitches.

Hateful Ignorance:

June 13, 2001: Ford criticizes awarding a grant for a film about homosexuality: "I have no problem giving money out to physically or mentally handicapped children or seniors, but spending $5,000 on this video is disgusting, it is absolutely disgusting to spend this amount of money on this, whatever it was called, video."

April 17, 2002: During a council meeting, Ford says that homeless shelters should probably stay downtown: "This is an insult to my constituents to even think about having a homeless shelter in their ward. And you want me to have a public meeting to discuss this? Why don't we have a public lynching?"

June 14, 2005: During a council meeting, Ford criticizes a grant for programs supporting transgendered and transexual people: "I don't understand. No. 1, I don't understand a transgender, I don't understand, is it a guy dressed up like a girl or a girl dressed up like a guy? And we're funding this for, I don't know, what does it say here? We're giving them $3,210?"

June 28, 2006: Ford says: "If you're not doing needles and you're not gay, you won't get AIDS, probably."

Financial Scandal:

November 26, 2012: Ford is expelled from office after it is ruled that he illegally voted to clear himself of criticisms regarding improperly solicited donations to his football charity. He wins his appeal on February 25, 2013.

Ford and the Media:

May 2012: Ford attacks a Toronto Star reporter who was in public land behind Ford's backyard. The reporter says that Ford had him "like a cornered rat."

March 27, 2013: He calls the media pathological liars after allegations he was drunk at a military gala.

Other absurdities:

March 7, 2007: On cyclists, Ford says: "What I compare bike lanes to is swimming with the sharks. Sooner or later, you're going to get bitten. And every year we have dozens of people that get hit by cars or trucks. Well, no wonder. Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks. Not for people on bikes. And my heart bleeds for them when I hear someone gets killed, but it's their own fault at the end of the day."

April 15, 2013: He walks into a camera, says fuck for like 4 seconds:

August 14, 2012: He admits to reading while driving.

And he's dancing:

YouTube clips seem to be a format that captures Mayor Rob Ford's personality particularly well. Feel free to post up anything we didn't include.

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