Ever since ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan retired from blogging in February, his fans and admirers (“SullyHeads,” as they’re not known) have wondered, “what’s Andrew Sullivan up to, right now?” and “what does Andrew Sullivan think about what is happening in the news lately?” Proving his doubters wrong, Sullivan has remained quiet since his last post in February. But earlier today there was a sign of life at his longtime blog, The Dish: A single post — a gif of a tumbleweed rolling along a dirt path — went live.

Has Sully returned? Alas, no. As Talking Points Memo reported, The Dish had been “hacked,” most likely by some sort of brilliant technical genius hacker who definitely knows how to code. That hacker’s ability to publish posts to the front page of The Dish has now been restricted. But while he was in the servers, hacking, the hacker found a series of mysterious unpublished posts.

Gawker has gained exclusive access to these Dish drafts, and we are publishing these screenshots because we strongly believe they are in the public interest. The identity of the author (or authors) of these posts is unknown, but the careful reader will spot certain clues.