The sexy Halloween costume trend is certainly nothing new, but it does seem like a line has been crossed when companies start selling sexy pizza outfits.

Which is exactly why The Daily Show had its Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal take a long, hard look at the unnecessary sexification of Halloween.

Surprisingly, Schaal didn't find the trend all that troubling.

"Isn't it great?" she remarked at the start of the segment. "The fact that women get this one night, only one, out of the whole year to be viewed as sexual objects."

If Schaal has any issues with the sexy Halloween costume, it's that it's not sexy enough.

After offering a few examples of the kind of sexy costumes women have to choose from (sexy nurse, sexier nurse, sexy defense attorney, sexy prosecutor), Schaal cut through the subtlety and went straight for the groin.

"Ladies, why are you being so coy about this?" Schaal asks. "Why don't we just show everyone what we mean when we put on those sexy kitty carrot nurse costumes, and take things to the obvious next level."

And with that, she introduced her personal line of sexy costumes for women, which consisted of a single item: The sexy vagina.

"What better way to get everyone thinking about sex," Schaal points out, "than dressing up as the place where sex happens?"

Expect to find this a child-size version of this costume at a party store near you by next Halloween.

[screengrab via The Daily Show]