Ronald Reagan action figure collector Peggy Noonan has, shall we say, a checkered record of political predictions. Today, she tars one Bernard Sanders with her dastardly Wand of Bad Luck.

If you are a fan or close friend of Peggy Noonan—like Cesar, her Dominican deli counter compatriot—you may recall that Peggy, a well-paid professional political pundit and analyst, sincerely believed that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 presidential election, despite polling to the contrary, because she saw some of his yard signs. Now, four years later, she has not only been allowed to keep her job as a well-paid professional political pundit and analyst, but also to continue to make political predictions. It’s true: Peggy Noonan has been in no way restrained, barred, embargoed, or disallowed from writing down and publishing political predictions, in the Wall Street Journal.

Based upon past experience, we can confidently say that it is very bad luck to be the subject of a positive prediction from Peggy Noonan.

Today, this well-paid professional political pundit and analyst tells her readers, “I was watching Bernie Sanders speak last week at a town hall in Bedford when an early intuition became a conviction: Take Mr. Sanders seriously.” This is the sort of “inside dope” that one can only get from a true political mastermind who knows how it all works in the secret corridors of power: The candidate who is seriously competing for victory in the Democratic primaries should be taken seriously. Take out your punditry scoring sheets and turn to the section labeled “Brilliant insight.” Now place a check mark in the box next to that section. Mission accomplished.

There is more, though. It is not just that Peggy Noonan has discovered the Democratic candidate who is polling at 37% support of the party’s electorate—she is also... oh god... don’t let it be true...

“It is my guess that Mr. Sanders will win in Iowa and New Hampshire.”
-Peggy Noonan


You had a good run, Bernie.

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