Conservative writers are very upset that The New York Times published an op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin calling for the U.S. to halt any plans to strike Syria. “It looks like those pro-Assad Syrians didn’t need to hack the New York Times website after all,” National Review columnist Charles C.W. Cooke tweeted. “They could have just asked nicely.” Commentary editor John Podhoretz mused this morning: “So it’s LITERALLY Pravda-on-the-Hudson.”

Literally. In fact, Putin has placed op-eds in nearly every major U.S. paper, including the right-leaning Wall Street Journal and Washington Times. Below we’ve collected every Putin-authored op-ed we were able to find using Google and Nexis. Treat each as a precious gift to our political culture. (And send us any other examples we might have missed.)

The New York Times, November 14, 1999:

Why We Must Act

The Straits Times, October 17, 2003:

Russia wants to ride APEC train to success

The Manila Times, November 20, 2005:

Broad Horizons of Cooperation (Offline)

The Advertiser (Australia), March 17, 2007:

Danger of the power of one (Offline)

The Washington Times, January 30, 2012:

Russia muscles past old Soviet Union

The Washington Post, February 8, 2012:

My vision for a better Russia

Foreign Policy, February 21, 2012:

Being Strong

The Wall Street Journal, September 6, 2012:

An Asia-Pacific Growth Agenda

The New York Times, September 11, 2013:

A Plea for Caution From Russia

As you can see, Putin’s a prolific op-ed writer. Though apparently it’s unclear whether or not he writes and edits his own columns (instead of delegating a PR team to smooth out his copy). Regardless, Western media eats up whatever he throws to them — not just the Times.

[Image via Associated Press]