The first elected official who is able to pass a law ensuring that airplane seats are large enough for human beings to sit in will be incredibly popular. At the moment, we are still moving in the opposite direction.

Last week, an amendment that would set minimum dimensions of airline seats was shot down in a Congressional committee by a 26-33 vote.

The same week, we learned that Airbus has filed a patent application for airline seats that have storage spaces built in underneath the seats—meaning that passengers would not be able to stretch their legs out beneath the seat in front of them.

Currently, and into the foreseeable future, the airline business strategy of purposely torturing your passengers in order to spur them to purchase expensive upgrades continues unimpeded.

Representative Steve Cohen, who offered the failed seat size regulation amendment, plans to reintroduce it as a standalone bill.

Any presidential candidate who does not leap on the opportunity to endorse this bill IS CRAZY.

The vote of every claustrophobic airline passenger is here for the taking.

[Photo: Christopher Doyle/ Flickr]