Cleveland police have found, inside the house where he is alleged to have kept at least three young women captive for ten years, a 2004 letter written by Ariel Castro, 19 Action News' Scott Taylor reports. "I don't know why I kept looking for another," Castro writes in the letter. "I already had 2 in my possession."

If the letter Taylor is referring to is the same one reported on by his colleague Ed Gallek, it's a suicide note that refers to sex addiction, "family problems and a poor childhood." Taylor, who obtained the letter after police found it, hasn't yet published his report on the letter, but he tweeted chilling excerpts from it last night:

The full police report on the kidnapping case, released yesterday, detailed the horrifying conditions under which the three women were kept, and revealed how one victim, Michelle Knight, was forced to help Amanda Berry, another victim, deliver her baby (almost certainly Castro's) in a plastic pool. Castro has been charged with kidnapping and rape; his two brothers, arrested at the same time, have not been charged.