A celebrity skin care specialist who once had a public feud with rapper Nicki Minaj over her waxing abilities was arrested last week after police discovered that she had allegedly tried to hire a former NFL player to murder a rival esthetician.

Police say Dawn DaLuise, a West Hollywood skin guru, once counted celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Christina Ricci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Alicia Silverstone as clients.

In 2007, she told Star Magazine she visited the set of "Friends" every other week because her client, actress Jennifer Aniston, was obsessed with getting frequent bikini waxes. And in 2011, her name swirled around celebrity blogs after she dished to the press a scene involving Nicki Minaj after DaLuise waxed her eyebrows and lip.

But it all came tumbling down when she became convinced that Gabriel Suarez, an esthetician who opened a store on her block, was harassing her and posed a threat to her business, reports say.

DaLuise began noticing lewd emails, fliers and at least one Craigslist posting targeting her. The Craigslist post said she wanted sexual liaisons that simulated rape and listed her home and business addresses.

According to the LA Times, she confided in her friend Edward Feinstein that she thought Suarez was behind the messages. Feinstein reportedly confirmed her suspicions and egged her on.

At some point after that conversation, she reached out to the former NFL player—who police say took no steps towards fulfilling her request—to see if she could have Suarez killed. The player, who has not been named, was described to CBS only as "very large."

DaLuise also approached police about the harassment, which eventually led to her arrest—during their investigation, they discovered DaLuise's text messages discussing her attempts to pay a killer-for-hire to take out Suarez.

Adding to the strange story, police eventually discovered that her "friend" Feinstein—whose rap sheet includes arrests for felony credit card fraud, grand theft and identity theft—was actually the one harassing her all along. Police say they "had some beef."

Feinstein is currently in jail on stalking charges. DaLuise was arrested last week for conspiracy to commit murder and is being held on a $1 million bail. A friend told Fox News that DaLuise is "an absolute whimpering mess" in jail.

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