The bipedal bear, the same one that captured the hearts and minds of a nation last year, is back.

The bear, who has been nicknamed “Pedals” (but who will be heretofore be called the bipedal bear, a far more dignified name) was spotted once again in a New Jersey suburb meandering around a homeowner’s backyard. According to ABC News, local residents are very worried about the bipedal bear, fearing that his amputated hand will lead to an untimely death.

“From looking at videos and photos of Pedals, he appears to be severely underweight going into winter,” said Kerry Clair board member of the New York organization Orphaned Wildlife Center, which has offered to take the bear in. “Our second concern is that bears don’t typically come to residential areas unless they’re starving. And because he’s missing his paw and can’t walk right, how can he even dig himself a den and defend himself from other larger, aggressive bears?”

The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife is “reviewing the situation.”

This bear is one in a million. The nation has been waiting over a year for the return of this bear. And yet, when the time comes, he may be snatched from us once again! But if what’s best for the bipedal bear is to live in a therapeutic home, then so be it. I think we can all agree that we all just want what’s best for the bipedal bear.

Image via YouTube