According to a Walmart press release, Thanksgiving was a day of record-breaking sales, sales that were "bigger, better, faster, cheaper and safer than ever."

Safer, huh? Let's examine the video evidence.

The fight above is at a Walmart store in Elkin, N.C., captured by New York Filmmaker Brian Spain. According to Spain, "I immediately had an employee — I assume the manager since he was the one that kicked me out — tell me that I had to turn my camera off and leave the store or I would be arrested for trespassing." The strategy for keeping the stores safer, you see, involves banning people from filming unsafe situations.

This fight at an unidentified Walmart shows a battle for televisions that ends with handcuffs:

And in Texas, everything is bigger. Including fights over DVD players and Garmins in Ft. Worth. The display cases cave under the weight of the madness, but the woman with a "heart problem" who is getting pushed around by "motherfuckers" provides the best commentary of this year's Thanksgiving Walmart fight videos:

Also worth noting, pictures of ambulances at Wal Mart:

And pictures of stretchers:

If you think any of this stopped shoppers, nope. The retailer did over 10 million cash register transactions between 6pm and 10pm Thursday alone.