It could be the script for the latest installment of National Lampoon’s Vacation: a kooky Henry Kissinger sips a frosty Mai Tai, a floppy bucket hat drooping low over his brow, scrolling through the google hits for the search term “am i a war criminal.” In walk the Clintons, dragging a pair of beaten-up suitcases. “Oh Henry, old pal! We’ve made it!”

This scenario, at least in its barest bones, is quite plausible, according to Mother Jones, which on Friday published a deep-dive into the relationship between the Democratic presidential candidate and Kissinger, a former Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and famous diplomat. Their annual vacation together in the Dominican Republic was one of the stand-out details. From Mother Jones:

The Clintons and Kissingers appear to spend a chunk of their quality time together at that de la Renta estate in the Punta Cana resort. Last year, the Associated Press noted that this is where the Clintons take their annual Christmas holiday. And other press reports in the United States and the Dominican Republic have pointed out that the Kissingers are often part of the gang the de la Rentas have hosted each year.

The only rules for Punta Cana? According to the late Oscar de la Renta, reported in 2012 by the Wall Street Journal, there’s to be “no conversation of any substance and nothing nice about anyone.”

What would a Dominican Republic vacation be without the old semi-retired curmudgeon who once waged an illegal genocide on one of the world’s least developed countries?

As the piece notes, Hillary Clinton and Kissinger tend to “pal around” at other gatherings, and their friendship has been documented by several other publications. Interestingly, the entire relationship came under scrutiny after Clinton herself brought it up at the last Democratic presidential debate, as The Intercept’s Glen Greenwald pointed out.

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