I know what the alleged Grindr serial killer did last summer and frankly I find it horrifying—Celebrity Masterchef is still on the air?!

Stephen Port, a 40-year-old British man accused of killing at least four men he met on gay dating sites, might be a murderer. One thing I’m fairly confident he’s not is a celebrity chef—but he did manage to appear on the show last summer in a deliciously creepy disguise. The details, which are scant, via the Independent.

Footage of an episode from the BBC show’s ninth series, which aired in June, features Stephen Port serving pasta and meatballs to bus drivers at West Ham Bus Garage, in east London.

Apparently wearing a wig, he was helping JLS star JB Gill as he competed with other celebrities including former EastEnders actor Emma Barton.

A bewigged suspected serial killer featured on a TV show—holy Robert Durst, they’re everywhere!

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