Put your righteous indignation on ice. The rap video circulating around the Internet—purportedly put out by Bernie Madoff's nephew—is just some kid on Long Island trying to get famous by invoking a villain that defrauded investors out of billions.

And it's sort of working!

Reached by phone at a 516 number, Stuart “Triple” Madoff evaded questions about whether he was related to the Bernie Madoff. "Yeah, you know, I just can’t really talk about my family ties," he mumbled to Gawker. "Uncle, you know, it's kind of a loose term, it's like you might call your dad's friend an uncle. Or Snoop Dog will be, like, 'oh my nephew.'" Sure.

Stuart's video, entitled “In God’s Hands (Free Uncle Bernie)," is filmed on a deck and boat in what appears to be Long Island and contains lyrical somersaults like, "All the money from my dreams/Sit there while I plot another Ponzi scheme."

The 18-year-old amateur rapper said Joey Madoff, who is also featured in the video, is his 17-year-old "blood brother." They live in New York, although Joey is currently at sleepaway camp. "But that’s about the extent of the information that I can reveal at this point," Stuart added.

Stuart does not see any reason for the victims of Bernie Madoff's fraudulent schemes to be offended by his video. "I wouldn’t say mocking more paying hommage," he said.

"I would say it’s entertainment," he explained. "If I watch a movie. If I watch Scarface, it's a lot of violence. But I'm able to separate the reality. I'm not going to go around killing people."

The aspiring rapper was also evasive when we asked where he got the funds to film his musical debut. "I don’t talk money. After all that, I can't talk about money. After that whole scandal. I really can't talk about all the bread."

He was less shy about rhyming Madoff with Adolf, as you can see in the Director's Cut.

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