Since everyone gets to talk on TV for money these days, why not MTV's early-'90s token conservative, too?

Kennedy, the dark-haired one who hosted Alternative Nation, is totally alternative to alternative now: She's agreed to co-host The Independents, a new talk show for libertarians on Fox Business News. Her on-air compatriots will be two dudes, one of whom is non-white, so it looks to be the most statistically diverse collection of libertarians in human history.

Always the freethinker trying to escape MTV's confining box of commercially viable social liberalism, Lisa Montgomery Kennedy was long castigated by viewers (and voted most-hated VJ) for her right-of-center views and her pink GOP elephant thigh tattoo. But the registered Republican from Oregon also likes weed, explicit lyrics, and money, so Music Television always seemed like a natural choice.

We wish her luck at FBN. If it doesn't work out, maybe she can cameo on Portlandia.

[Photo credit: AP]