This is an almost five minute-long video of a doctor in Faizabad, India removing hundreds of maggots from a patient's ear. Jesus Christ.

Apparently, this is something that can happen to you if you live (or visit!) a tropical region. It's called aural myasis and it's when fly larvae infest your nose or ears. From Yahoo Canada:

Aural myasis is fairly common in tropical and subtropical regions, usually affecting children under the age of 10 or the elderly. The maggots feed off of the flesh in the patient's inner ear and could eventually burrow into the brain and kill the patient.

This video is of Dr. Vikram Yadav as he picked maggots from a patient's ear. The footage was apparently recorded and uploaded in May of this year, but like the bugs in this person's ear, incubated online for sometime before making itself known.

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