Yes, life is hard for the residents of Flint, MI, many of whom have no clean water and toxic levels of lead coursing through their veins. But life is also hard for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who can’t even enjoy a night out anymore without being reminded of the fact that thousands of his constituents were poisoned on his watch.

The tragic details, via CBS:

The governor told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Charlie Langton he was confronted by hecklers on more than one occasion — once, while dining in a restaurant in Ann Arbor. People are blaming him for what happened in Flint.

“I mean, I did have my meal I didn’t just leave,” Synder said. “But, yeah, I was heckled and other things like that have been going on for some time now….And from a personal perspective, I’ve had things aimed even at my family.”

Ann Arbor resident Laura Tanner told The Ann Arbor News that she and a friend gave Snyder an earful at the Old Town Tavern. She said she yelled “How was your water? Was it clean?”

Not to spoil the story, but it was clean.

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