The Greek community at Texas Tech is getting into all kinds of trouble lately. Today, Phi Delta Theta's national headquarters kicked out 29 members of Tech's Phi Delt chapter after the bros hung a "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" banner up at a party last month. They also displayed a "vagina sprinkler."

Bro Bible collected Snapchats from the event on September 19, which are as gross as you'd imagine. The event's theme was "hurricane."

According to the Associated Press, the chapter's charter is in escrow until the frat completes its sanctions. Those include "performing 10,000 hours of service to rape crisis and sexual assault prevention organizations."

The bros left in Phi Delt, who ostensibly weren't involved in the party, will have "limited" activities which "will include education in sexual assault prevention and bystander behavior."

[Photos via Snapchat/Bro Bible]