The police department in Pflugerville, Tx. is now encouraging kids to be "cool" by "following traffic laws." Starting today, kids who make "cool moves" like not jaywalking will be approached by cops and presented with a ticket that comes with free ice cream instead of a fine. The police did this last year and somehow did not terrify the 500 kids they ticketed.

So what's a cool move, according to Pflugerville cops? There are a few: wearing a helmet while riding your Razor scooter, crossing at a crosswalk, using the correct hand signals when riding your bike, and looking both ways before you cross the street. If a kid pulls a slick move like this and gets "caught," look out. Free ice-cream.

Those new to the area might be confused by the idea of cops approaching and ticketing children, so KEWE-TV helpfully provided a guide to the "Cool Moves" campaign this morning. "Will Your Child Be Ticketed By Police?" the station asks. The answer is yes, if they're cool.

[Images via Shutterstock/SergeBertasiusPhotography and Pflugerville PD]