An open-carry group too crazy for Open Carry Texas has been walking around flapping its guns. A group of women who opposes their display of weapons struck on a novel way to perturb the gun-fondlers: Follow them around topless.

Via Raw Story:

Come and Take It Texas, a group affiliated with the open carry movement, is complaining that topless protestors are ruining their monthly walks in support of gun rights.

They are being "trolled by skanky topless libtards," one post on the group's Facebook page reads. Another post identifies the counter-protestors as members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA), even though they made no claim to being affiliated with that organization.

The topless counter-protestors carried signs that read, "You realize that everyone thinks you're overcompensating for your teeny tiny 'gun' right?" and "Boobs for peace." The women confronted the open carry advocates and said that as long as they openly carried their weapons, the counter-protestors would bare their breasts.

Gun-loving ladlers of liberty, having never read Lysistrata, weren't sure what to make of the counter-protest. Besides, you, know, the usual sexist comebacks:

Beyond their inability to resist making grade-school comments about boobies, the firearms enthusiasts appear to be off-target in their charge that the protesters are from Moms Demand Action; the group's organizer denied involvement and one of the participants made clear she was freelancing.

Nor is it the ladies' first time protesting in Austin; topless women also organized a counterprotest to open-carry dudes last March during SXSW. "This is not a pro-gun town," one says. "This is a pro-boobs town":

In the meantime, none of the blunderbuss-blubberers has managed to articulate why an open display of titties is any more intimidating than their long, hot barrels.