What do you do when people find out your frat hosted a racist "border patrol" party, during which guests donned ponchos, sombreros, and construction gear replete with "Pablo Sanchez" name tags? Claim the event was "western-themed," as certain members of the Fiji fraternity at the University of Texas-Austin have done.

The university's student paper, The Daily Texan, reports that Fiji hosted hundreds of students at their house on Saturday, many of whom were wearing "construction hard hats with the names 'Jefe' and 'Pablo Sanchez' written on them, as well as reflective vests and work gloves." Other guests wore army camouflage gear, ostensibly acting as border patrol agents.

Fiji's president Andrew Campbell claims everyone just misunderstood the theme of the event. He told the Texan that the party was "this year's annual Fiji Marshals event, a 'western-themed party which focuses on the traditional old west.'"

Huh. So how did Fiji decorate the house for this "western-themed" party? According to the Texan, "decorations included painted photo cutout boards of people dressed in traditional Mexican attire. The bar was painted to resemble a Mexican flag, with the shape of Texas in the middle."

Perhaps because of all this confusion surrounding the true theme of the party, some guests allegedly behaved badly. A tipster sent us these screenshots from Yik Yak, posted during and after the event, where multiple users claim a man punched a woman at the party.

"I was there!!! Some guy just took a swing and hit her right in the jaw," one says.

Fiji hasn't addressed these claims. In regards to the party's confused theme, Campbell said, "If any individual or cultural groups were offended, Texas Fiji apologizes for any insensitivity that our guests or members may have portrayed. It is never Texas Fiji's intent to alienate or demean any ethnic group."

If you were at Fiji's party on Saturday night, feel free to get in touch at allie@gawker.com.

[Photo by Julia Brouillette via The Daily Texan]