Generally bees aren’t so bad but sometimes they do something awful, like on Sunday when an angry swarm killed a Texas farmer who accidentally disturbed a huge hive. “He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically. It was horrible,” the victim’s sister told KGBT. Sweet Christ.

Rogerio Zuniga was plowing a field on his tractor near Lozano, Texas, Sunday when he ran into an abandoned irrigation pipe that contained a 15-to-20 foot honeycomb. Hundreds of bees quickly attacked the third-generation farmer.

“He jumped off the tractor and ran about 100 yards away from the swarm before he collapsed in the field,” San Benito Fire Department Chief Raul R. Zuniga Jr., who is Rogerio’s cousin, told ABC News. Zuniga’s family discovered his bee-covered body after spotting the abandoned tractor in the field.

It reportedly took authorities four hours to clean up the bee-infested pipe.

“We got help from the county and an exterminator, but we broke the concrete pipe to get into it. The thing was just filled with bees,” Raul Zuniga told ABC. “They were extremely aggressive, too. One of the guys on my team got stung through his veil.”

Exterminators followed the swarm and discovered several more hives near Zuniga’s home.

“I got scared because I live here by myself and I get scared because when my grandkids come, they like to play outside, and I don’t know what could be in the trees outside or anywhere,” one of Zuniga’s neighbors, Rosa Garcia, told KGBT.

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