Cops are brave, some might say, but I posit to you that true bravery is borne by the man who refuses to serve them. Because truly, there are much better ways to stick it to someone you don’t like than to risk your employment (and other things, probably, this is Texas we’re talking about) just to withhold from them a delicious hamburger.

But that’s whatahappened this week at Whataburger, when two of Texas’ uniformed finest stopped by for some burgers and a liter of cola: “they were told by a worker that the restaurant does not serve police.”

Was he joking? Who knows—not the officers, who were forced to take their business to a Dairy Queen of all places.

“He said it with a straight face, no smile and just stared at us,” [one of the officers] told the television station CBS-DFW. “Even if he was joking, I’m not going to eat here because I don’t trust that.”

Even so, an “appalled” Whataburger fired the employee, “as we have proudly served first responders across our system for decades.” Sounds like Whataburger has no tolerance for bravery, uniformed or no.

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