A video recently posted to TerRio’s Vine account depicts the six-year-old internet sensation battling Ice JJ Fish, the self-proclaimed man who sings with "100 voices." It’s not so much a "dance off," as the description calls it, but rather TerRio pop-locking (quite terribly, tbh) for five seconds while Ice JJ's song, "On The Floor"—which has reached over 21 million views on YouTube—plays in the background.

The most striking part of the clip, however, comes at the end, as TerRio suddenly quits dancing, perhaps tired out by the considerable amount of weight he’s put on since being propelled into internet infamy. TerRio rose to fame for his signature dance and phrase—"Ooh kill'em"—but the sad irony of how celebrity works on social media today raises an important truth: we just might kill'em.

[h/t @JulianPatterson]