The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia reported that three more people fell victim to the deadly new respiratory virus, MERS. The total number of deaths, internationally, is now at 30.

The MERS virus is related to SARS. MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Both MERS and SARS are coronaviruses—causing symptoms similar to colds in the people they infect. MERS most likely comes from bats.

The age range of the three people that passed away in Saudi Arabia was expansive—from 24 to 60. However, the Ministry of Health says that each person had chronic diseases, including kidney failure. They had been hospitalized for a month.

The total number of people infected with MERS in Saudi Arabia, after the outbreak started in April, is 38. The World Health Organization reports that 49 people are infected worldwide.

[image via Evgeniyqw/Shutterstock]