A peacekeeping meeting between New York's finest and a few of the city's most hardened criminals took place this week, not in a shadowy alley or the smoky back room of a bar, but out in the open, in Times Square. On one side: the police, trying to talk sense into the monsters. On the other: Spider-Man, Papa Smurf, and Captain America, looking bored as hell.

Cops called the meeting after a string of arrests on Times Square's costumed characters, hoping, they told the New York Post, to educate the men and women behind the masks on how to do their jobs without stepping on any toes. The Mickeys and Minnies, like the heartless thugs they are, didn't cooperate.

From the Post:

Instead, they played hardball with New York's Finest — bringing an unidentified lawyer with them to the meeting Wednesday evening on the Duffy Square bleachers.

The NYPD took the meeting far more seriously, with its contingent including Susan Herman, deputy commissioner of collaborative policing, and other NYPD brass.

"They said, 'We have nothing to say. Talk to her, [our] rep,' " the source said of the characters.

"The meeting was a waste of time," one source told the Post. "They were in their little costumes, [and] they didn't give a shit about what we had to say."

This war is far from over, and as long as Elmo roams the streets unchecked, harassing unsuspecting tourists for a buck or two, the boys in blue will be there, valiantly fighting back.

[Photo via NYPD Midtown South/Twitter]