Australia’s top-ranked bad-boy nude-hot-tub-wrestling sometimes-tennis player, Bernard Tomic, was arrested early Wednesday morning over what sounds like a very fun party.

Tomic was staying at the W and did what any young Australian athlete with little parental guidance, a ton of money and a $7,000-a-night W Miami Beach penthouse suite might do: he threw a huge rager that really pissed off his neighbors.

Things apparently got ugly when he started throwing fingers at security guards who responded to noise complaints. (Were the other guests just jealous they weren’t invited? Probably not, but who can say, really?) Via the Guardian:

“The hotel decided they didn’t want to deal with him anymore and told us, ‘We want him out’,” Miami Beach detective Vivian Thayer said on Thursday.

Tomic, who had friends in the penthouse, “pointed his finger aggressively towards the hotel security officers and continued to play loud music”, according to the police report.

But the shirtless athlete’s true legal trouble was yet to come: eventually the cops responded around 5:30 a.m. and told him to vacate the premises, a request he apparently disrespectfully declined. (It’s worth noting he has a history of police stand-offs, none of which have ended well.)

“Remaining guests in the room left and the defendant wilfully remained in the room refusing to comply,” the police report states. “Defendant was verbally warned again that he was being evicted and was no longer allowed to be in the hotel.

“Defendant once again verbally and physically refused to comply with officer commands.”

He was arrested and booked for resisting arrest and took a shirtless, unhappy mugshot to commemorate the night. On the bright side though, it seems like the dude is finally close to learning the ultimate lesson in life: nothing good ever happens after 3 a.m.

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