A Tennessee man uncontrollably cries blood, leaving him without a job and out of school.

29-year-old Michael Spann of Antioch, Tennessee began crying blood at the age of 22, a rare condition that also sent blood out of his mouth and ears. "I have a condition that I get these really bad headaches, and along with the headaches I bleed from my eyes," Spann told The Tennessean.

After being afflicted by daily headaches and eye-bleeds at 22, Spann's condition has lessened a bit, with the headaches and bleeding only coming once or twice a week. Still, because of the condition, he hasn't been able to pursue an education or hold down a job.

“Any job I get I lose because my eyes start bleeding and they can’t keep me on,” Spann said. “Obviously, I can’t be a waiter and work in any public thing because you are bleeding.”

Unfortunately, Spann's condition is so uncommon that there isn't a known cure. Several of the known cases have originated in Tennessee. What makes Spann's situation so dire however, is his lack of health coverage. His family has already spent a good amount of money trying to find out what the root of his condition is.

“He will start talking to someone, and his eyes will start filling up with blood,” his mother, Peggy Spann told the local newspaper. “They haven’t seen it before, and it will scare the living daylights out of them. It is very frustrating not to be able to treat or even get some kind of remission for it.”

Working in favor for for Spann is that researchers have found that the symptoms decrease as patients get older. Eventually, they stop crying blood altogether.