A clown working a dunk tank at Memphis, Tenn.'s Delta Fair was supposed to throw out insults at fairgoers to provoke them into dunking him, but he was fired after a black family reported his commentary had taken a racist turn.

"Hey, nappy head!" the clown reportedly shouted at Tanya Jones, using the same repulsive racial slur that got famous radio bigot Don Imus fired back in 2007, "Yeah, I'm talking to you, Shaneneh. You look unbe-weav-able."

"You got cheap weave, you must've got it from the Dollar Tree!"

Jones and Mario Curry, who were at the fair with three young children, told WMAC they understand insults are part of the dunk-tank clown's job, but the alleged racially charged comments crossed a line.

Delta Fair president Mark Lovell agreed, saying the fair is supposed to be fun and family-friendly, and the insult clown was told to keep his material free of sexual or racial connotations.

The clown has since been replaced, and the fair has refunded the cost of the family's tickets, around $100.

[h/t Opposing Views]