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Pity the 10 innocent souls who, thinking themselves in for a regular ride up the elevator at a Colorado Springs hotel on Saturday, instead spent 30 minutes locked up in a tiny box with the biggest asshole in America.

According to the Denver Post and the Associated Press, Donald Trump was late to a campaign event because the elevator at his hotel stalled out for a half an hour with him and 10 other passengers on board. From the Post:

Also on Saturday, the Colorado Springs Fire Department confirmed that the reason Trump’s event started late was because he got stuck in a hotel elevator and had to be rescued by Colorado Springs firefighters.

The fire department said in a statement that Trump was trapped inside an elevator at The Mining Exchange Hotel with about 10 other people for 30 minutes.

Firefighters opened the top elevator hatch and lowered a ladder to get everyone out of the elevator.

Hours after firefighters from the Colorado Springs Fire Department rescued Trump from the elevator, Trump announced from the stage at his rally that the Colorado Springs fire marshall didn’t know how to do his job and was “probably a Democrat,” because of an attendance limit the fire department had placed on the venue.

Your life might be pretty bad, but you can be grateful that you’ve never been stuck on an elevator with Donald Trump.