By now you've no doubt seen the video of Jim Mongiat and his wife of 15 months Whitney engaging in a lovers' spat over a cancelled trip to the lake.

It was the temper tantrum heard round the world — but what really happened on that fateful Saturday to make Whitney melt down the way she did?

RightThisMinute tracked down the not-so-happy couple to learn more about the events that led up to the infamous video, and, more importantly, get Whitney's side of the story.

To hear the 30-year-old nurse tell it, Jim had indeed promised to take her to the lake that day to meet some friends, but changed his mind after the two started to fight about an unrelated topic.

She says he then proceeded to bully her and egg her on, causing her to break down.

For his part, Jim stands by his claim that Whitney is like this all the time, and he just wanted to capture it on camera to prove it to the rest of the world.

He has no regrets about posting it online, and says his friends have been supportive of his decision to do so.

The two are indeed getting a divorce, but Whitney says she will be the one filing the papers.

[screengrab via RightThisMinute]