The senior boys of Biglerville (Pa.) High School are all getting ready to dress up in khakis and collared shirts for their graduation ceremony this month, per the school’s dress code. Meanwhile, the girls are getting ready to hide their unsightly “sausage rolls, as Mrs. Elliott calls them” also per the dress code, because everyone knows “you can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack.”

At least one Biglerville student, graduating senior Briana Burtop, isn’t down with this body-shaming in the guise of modesty, and she went on the local news to tell Mrs. Elliott where she can stick her goddamn sausage rolls.

Burtop’s mom wants to take it even further, threatening to sue the school for gender discrimination—the boys’ section instructs them not to show their underwear, but it doesn’t order them to minimize the appearance of their body fat.

Fortunately, sausageghazi looks like it might be the rarest of American problems, the kind that can be resolved without a lawsuit.

“School officials said the issue is being addressed and the letter does not reflect the standards of the Upper Adams School District,” ABC News reports. It’s apparently been failing to meet those standards for quite some time: officials added it was “drafted years ago, and the author of the original document has since retired.”

They didn’t clarify the district’s current position on sausage rolls or explain why someone would want to put mud in a sack anyway.

[h/t Barstool]