Teens: America’s greatest danger. Whether roughhousing, vandalizing things, or making snide remarks, groups of teens are reliable terrors. We must now confront the possibility that teens are growing even bolder.

Not what anyone wants to hear, I know. Teens have already achieved terrifying levels of scratching your car, spraypainting your wall, scaring your mom, and pooping on your steps. It is difficult to contemplate a dynamic in which teens are evolving into an even more fearsome predator species.

Still, we must face the facts. In DNAInfo today we learn of a group of teens at the Jackie Robinson Houses in Brooklyn that are riding bikes in the hallways, congregating in the entrances, and kicking on people’s doors like a bunch of god damn loons. Is this the way a nice young man behaves, teens? I do not think so.

Try respecting authority. Now there is a way to demonstrate that you are ready to be treated like a grown-up.

Above is video taken by a resident of these teens behaving—I do not say this lightly—in a rude manner. Just listen to the pounding on that door. Do you want to wake up the whole darn building, teens? What is the emergency out there? Is there in fact any emergency at all, or are you simply acting without thought for the feelings of others? Something for teens to think about. The most alarming part of this report, however, is this passage: “When the knocking began, a group of about eight would run away as soon as the door was knocked. Recently, they stand in front of the apartment showing no fear of consequences, residents said.”

Teens: boorish, rude—and now fearless. Is the U.S. government doing enough to fight teens?

[Video via DNAInfo]