A woman who dressed up like a nurse and stole a 16-hour-old baby from a hospital yesterday was arrested after a group of Canadian youths tracked her down.

Police say a 21-year-old woman dressed as a nurse walked into a Quebec nursery ward and left with Victoria, a six-pound, 16-hour-old baby.

Mother Mélissa McMahon told police that the fake nurse took the baby from her arms, saying she needed to be weighed. McMahon says she realized within minutes that something was off, but she was too late.

Security cameras caught the fake nurse driving away in a Toyota Yaris with a "Baby On Board" sign.

Police released an Amber Alert and posted photos of the fake nurse and her car on social media. Luckily, a group of four bored Canadian teenagers saw the report on Facebook and decided to help out.

"We had nothing to do that night," the teens told reporters. "We went off in search of a red car."

While they were searching, one of the teenagers recognized the woman in the photo as her next-door neighbor. The group drove to the woman's home, spotted her car outside, and called police.

The baby was safely returned to her parents within the hour. The fake nurse was arrested and hospitalized for an evaluation.