We've all had pets that died. Pets die. It's all part of the cycle of life (and death). But a teen in Holland wearing an awesome Pacman hoodie took the initiative to build the first funeral rat helicopter after his pet rodent died from cancer.

Thirteen-year-old Pepeijn BruinsBruins decided to memorialize Ratjetoe (Dutch for ratatouille) by attaching its little limbs to a helicopter that he'd built with the help of two adult engineers. The boy told the BBC, "I loved him very much. He always liked to be cuddled and he would run up my clothes and hide."

Instead of memorializing Ratjetoe with a small burial or by stuffing the rat and putting it on a shelf, Bruins enlisted the two engineers, who are known for stuffing animals and turning them into flying facismiles of themselves, and off Ratjetoe went, soaring into the sky like he never got do in life.

[Image via BBC]