In a sick twist on the classic National Lampoon magazine cover, a craze J. Cole fan threatened to kill his little sister if the North Carolina rapper didn't retweet him.

"Retweet me and I’ll buy Born Sinner," said Twitter user That Aint My Kid, referring to Cole's latest album. "Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister."

To show he meant business, @_TzC_ posted a photo of himself pointing a weapon at his sibling.

Seeing no way around it, Cole retweeted the fan's threat, following it up with "wildest shit I ever seen on twitter."

Not long after, the extortionist began backpedaling, saying it was all a "joke," and that his mother was in the room at the time, though was unhappy about his decision to point a gun at his sister.

"My mom is so mad at me.... I gotta go into hiding for a lil while," he tweeted.

@_TzC_ later claimed that he'd received a visit from the police, but was cleared after the cops determined that the handgun fired BBs. "If it was real I'd be in jail," he wrote.

Though initially unrepentant — "Chief Keef can get away with ordering a hit but I can't point a BB gun at my own sister? Y'all ain't shit" — That Aint My Kid eventually acknowledged that he is "dumb as shit for tweeting that," and beseeched his followers to "let me live."

Several hours later, he finally arrived at the realization that what he did was wrong, and asked for forgiveness in his own unique way:

Being an Internet Thug backfired on me. I learned my damn lesson... I hope White Twitter still accepts me after all this

— That Aint My Kid (@_TzC_) June 18, 2013

[H/T: BroBible, ONTD]