A young Colorado rapper who goes by the stage name Adequate Advocate put some of his tough talking peers to shame by recording a song about engaging the local police in a standoff — while in the middle of an actual standoff with local police.

Adequate — real name Josh Jackson — found his Fort Collins home surrounded by 15 marked police cars and an armored SWAT vehicle Monday night after he allegedly threatened his roommates with a knife, so he did what any real rapper would do: He sat down in front of his computer to record a song called "police are trying to murder me as I write this."

The video, which was uploaded to the rapper's YouTube account, shows Jackson, 19, attempting to throw off the police by rapping in the dark, only to be abruptly interrupted by one of several flash-bangs grenades that were eventually hurled by officers into his bedroom.

A police spokesman said the amount of force deployed to bring Jackson in was necessary, because "he's got a history of resisting the police."