Cameron D’Ambrosio is the Massachusetts teenager and amateur rapper who was rather outrageously charged with terroristic threats last month after referencing the Boston Marathon Bombing in lyrics he’d posted on Facebook. On Wednesday, a Grand Jury declined to indict D’Ambrosio; yesterday, the high-school senior was finally released to his family on his own personal recognizance. This was after the 18-year-old spent more than a month locked up and less than 10 days after a Massachusetts Superior Court judge denied a bail request.

The Methuen High senior was first taken into custody on May 1—in an Ol' Dirty Bastard shirt, no less—after one of his peers alerted their school’s administration that Cameron posted a status update with “disturbing verbiage” on Facebook. The school contacted the local police, who tracked down D’Ambrosio near his home, and then subsequently put out a gleeful press release suggesting that they’d captured the next Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Here’s what Cameron allegedly posted:

Police obtained a search warrant for the high-schooler's home, where they confiscated the family's XBox and laptop, but found no supporting evidence that D'Ambrosio had anything violent planned. Soon after, the Center for the Rights, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, got involved and helped D'Ambrosio's case gain national attention with a viral petition that collected more than 90,000 signatures protesting the charges. A Grand Jury agreed and Cameron finally got to go home.

Even though the charges against D'Ambrosio have not been officially dropped, an Essex County District Attorney spokesperson told Rolling Stone the DA would not likely bring additional counts against the teenager when he appears in court on June 27.

Update: A crowdfunding effort has raised more than $4500 to help D'Ambrosio's family with his legal costs.

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