A high school senior from Washington says she was left embarrassed and humiliated after being denied entry to her senior prom because her breasts are too big.

Brittany Minder of Silverdale was excited to show off her new strapless dress, but was prohibited from entering the dance because school officials felt she was showing too much cleavage.

"In my opinion, I feel that it is because I'm bigger chested and there is more cleavage that you can see, and there's nothing I could really do about that," Brittany told KOMO News.

Central Kitsap High School's dress code does allow strapless dresses, but only if the cleavage is covered.

Brittany's dad, however, says it is near impossible for his daughter to fully cover any decolletage.

"A girl like Brittany should not have to go to a dance in a burlap sack because she's large busted," he said.

Added Brittany's mother: "All women are not created equal, and you can not compare a golf ball to a grapefruit. It ain't gonna happen."

The teen eventually agreed to obscure her bosom with a shawl and was allowed in.

But it just wasn't the same, and she left after about an hour.

"I felt self-conscious and they took the magic out of the night," Brittany said. "It was tough being there after all that happened. I didn't feel comfortable. I already had a blow to my self-esteem. I didn't really want to be there anymore."

[H/T: Fark, screengrab via KOMO]