On January 1st, Twitter user Safiyyah Nawaz started a joke, which started the whole world crying for her head on a silver platter.

"This beautiful earth is now officially 2014 years old," tweeted "$afiyyah" just after the clock struck New Year's. "Amazing."

Within hours, the "harmless joke" was retweeted thousands of times by increasingly serious individuals.

At was first it was "dumb." Then "bitch." Then "dumb bitch." Then "#dumbbitch."

Safiyyah couldn't help but laugh at some of the sillier remarks:

But later she admitted she was also "kinda scared," as insults gave way to threats and demands that she kill herself.

She initially tried to make the most of her new-found infamy, hoping to leverage the unsolicited attention to secure a meeting with her idol, Snoop Lion:

But eventually "acknowledged" that the Earth really was older than 2014:

She even changed her Twitter bio — "I GET IT THE EARTH IS APPROX 4.54 BILLION YEARS OLD IT WAS A JOKE" — but that did little to assuage her haters, so she tried again to make the most of it:

Ultimately, Safiyyah realized there was little she could do to stem the tide of negativity, so she did what anyone in her situation would do:

[H/T: Mediaite, screengrab/photo via @safiyyahn]