A teenager in Spartenburg, South Carolina was arrested on Tuesday for doing what any teen might have done in the face of desperation: Young Karla Farmer stole Rock Hard erection cream, handcuffs, and Deep Throat desensitizing spray from a local mall before getting scooped up by the cops. Teens have to teen.

Farmer, 18, went to the WestGate Mall in her town and after entering Spencer's, a purveyor of furry blacklight posters, she stole Rock Hard erection cream and Deep Throat desensitizing spray. Not quite satisfied, though, she returned to the store and pilfered a pair of handcuffs as well.

According to the Smoking Gun, mall security caught up with Farmer. They discovered two pairs of Victoria's Secret panties in her bag, which security alleges she had also stolen. Sounds like a fun night was completely ruined when Farmer was booked in county jail and released late Tuesday.

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