A teen girl in Yavapai County, Arizona was driving her friends home from a day of activities when she took a turn too fast, toppling off a cliff one hundred feet below, and getting trapped beneath her car. She was trapped for four hours but somehow, miraculously, survived with only minor injuries.

The young woman was driving her two friends home, KPHO reports, when the driver took a turn too quickly, careening off a cliff. Her two friends were able to make it free from the accident within an hour, but the driver was trapped beneath the vehicle for four hours. Via KPHO:

"I just remember we had gone really fast around this corner and the car started to lean over, and we all kind of had that moment of, 'Oh crap, this is going to happen,' and then the car just started rolling," said Danielle Goldberg, who was a passenger in the car.

Reporter Greg Argos spoke with Goldberg and Viven Cantrell, the other passenger. The two Coconino High School juniors said their friend Holly was driving. The three had just left an afternoon of swimming at Fossil Creek and were trying to make it home before curfew.

The 16-year-old was able to survive the accident because the car landed on her at exactly the right angle, one where the depressed hood of the car protected her from being totally crushed.

The driver of the car was airlifted to a Flagstaff Medical Center, while her two friends survived with minor injuries, police said. According to a NY Daily News report, alcohol and drugs have been ruled out.

Image via Pine-Strawberry Fire Department. H/T NY Daily News. Contact the author at dayna.evans@gawker.com.