CJ Pearson, 13-year-old conservative activist, made headlines Friday with his YouTube video criticizing President Barack Obama for inviting Ahmed Mohamed to the White House. Now he says that the President blocked him on Twitter.

Today he posted a screencap captioned, “Well, this sucks.”

White House press secretary Frank Benenati then issued a statement saying that no one has or will be blocked from the @POTUS account. Pearson called this “outrageous.”

“If you think the American people are gonna fall for your little tricks, you’re downright crazy,” he said in a Facebook video.

But one other Twitter user says that when Pearson accused Obama of blocking him, he was still following the President on Twitter. Blocked users cannot follow you or see your tweets.

Based on how much Pearson has criticized Obama in the past (another video is titled “President Obama: Do you really love America?”), he will surely have more to say about the President’s Twitter account soon.

[Image via Facebook]