A 17-year-old girl has reportedly suffered horrific injuries as a result of injecting the infamous flesh-eating drug krokodil directly into her genitals.

The unnamed teen is said to be the first recorded victim of the terrifying street drug in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

A government official said the girl arrived at a local branch of the country's Social Security Institute with what appeared to be lacerations on her private parts.

"The young woman who used this drug had an infection that had rotted her genitals," José Sotero Ruiz Hernández is quoted as saying. "She said she'd been using krokodil for the last two months."

The young woman, who resides in Puerto Vallarta, said krokodil could be found on street corners in the popular resort city.

Hernández also noted that evidence suggested the drug may have made its way to the country's capital.

Though there have been various reports of the so-called "Russian zombie drug" making its debut in US, there has been no independent confirmation of those claims.

A paper published recently in the American Journal of Medicine alleging that krokodil use in the US had been formally documented was found to be deeply flawed and swiftly removed.

[H/T: Opposing Views, photos via Shutterstock]