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Nicole Easton recently moved into her first big girl apartment after graduating from high school, and it wasn't long before her roommates managed to pressure her into doing something stupid that resulted in serious physical injuries.

According to Nicole's mom Carrie, her daughter and her friends were "being crazy young adults one afternoon" when they decided to jump into the pool off the roof of their house.

After seeing her boyfriend succeed, Nicole decided to go along, but hesitated at the last second, and jumped onto solid ground instead, instantly breaking both her feet.

Though the excruciating moment was naturally caught on tape, surprisingly it wasn't Nicole who uploaded it online, but rather her mother.

Literally adding insult to injury, Carrie started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising $4,200 to pay off her daughter's expenses and bills.

She explains the situation in the fund's description:

Nicole is expected to be disabled for at least 6 months to a year. She's in a wheel chair. Not taking it very well I might add. The issue is that Nicole had just moved into her first house with the best roommates. Nicole not being able to work can't pay her share of the bills. This threatens not only her losing her place to live, but her roommate's as well. Their credit too.

In addition to rent, Carrie hopes to raise enough money to pay for Nicole's food and toiletries until she's fully healed.

Not surprisingly, the fund has not gone over well with the Internet, with many commenters telling Carrie to go fund herself.

"Nicole, I'm sorry about all the mean people with mean stuff to say," Carrie wrote in an update to the donation page. "I've even been reported for fraud. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I just want to help my daughter get through this very difficult time. I'm just going to pray for everyone who leaves a negative comment."

[video via GoFundMe]