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Today, after former Speaker of the House John Boehner directly compared him to Satan, Ted Cruz pulled a hard Mariah and said he simply doesn’t know Boehener: “I’ve never worked with John Boehner… I’ve never known the man.” But Ted, you were his lawyer.

A Seattle Times article from June of 1998 makes clear reference to Cruz working as Boehner’s lawyer. Cruz even provided a quote about his client:

But Ted Cruz, Boehner’s attorney, said the fund-raising letter demonstrates nothing and highlights the weakness of McDermott’s defense. Boehner alleges that McDermott gave the taped phone call - which Republicans argue did not violate any promise made by Gingrich - to The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal and Roll Call, a semiweekly congressional newspaper.

“The fund-raising letter is much ado about nothing,” Cruz said. “Congressman McDermott has consistently attempted to delay the litigation and drive up the expense. It is reasonably expected that Congressman Boehner will use the means at his disposal to raise the funds to pursue this lawsuit.”

Boehner also referred to the arrangement in a January 23rd, 2014 appearance on Leno. It seems overwhelmingly likely that, given the fact that Ted Cruz worked as John Boehner’s lawyer, he has “worked” with him, and almost certainly does “know” him. The alternative, that Ted Cruz can’t remember the events of 1998, is almost more alarming than the blatant, lazy lie.