Ted Cruz, the Texas Hair Gel Depository, wants to train the full power of the world’s mightiest military on a lil bug.

In advance of the “big” debate tonight, Cruz’s campaign for... let me double check this... president(?!) is rolling out a new TV ad that warns America of the most clear and present danger that we face. From the New York Times:

“There’s a scorpion in the desert,’’ an announcer says in the Cruz ad, as the camera shows various angles of the insect and its hooked stinger.

“For most of us, its venom is a clear and deadly threat,” the announcer continues. “But others refuse to even speak its name. Since the scorpion seeks our destruction, isn’t it time we recognize the scorpion for what it is before it strikes again?’’

It’s just a bug, man.

[Photo via AP/ Flickr. “Scorpion” means “brown people.”]